Sweet Plot


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The Band

Sweet Plot's genesis began when a late night jam session with best friends led to an epiphany.

Behind the group's upbeat music and thoughtful lyrics is a band working together with the single goal of creating a connection in our world through music. 

The Songs

The band's diverse sound seamlessly integrates Funk, Soul and Rock & Roll into a sound that is familiar yet uniquely their own.

Cultivated by a dedicated family of musicians and artists, the group celebrates its storied roots with refreshing authenticity and a unifying message.

The Show

Sweet Plot's infectious sound energizes and connects with an audience in a way that makes the show bigger than just the band itself. 

Heavy grooves and a soulful sound have become a trademark of the band and the groups commitment to an authentic, handcrafted approach ensures that no two shows are the same. 



Let's Connect!

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Sweet Plot